Salesforce Training

Custom Training Classes

While Salesforce's Trailhead Academy (formerly known as Salesforce University) offers a broad range of excellent in-person and online training classes, their offerings are quite expensive (typically $4500 per attendee) and have a fixed content.

We offer custom training classes for both end users (typically, your sales team) and Salesforce administrators. The content is tailored to your specific needs and wishes, and can be as brief or long as desired. Because our costs are much lower, because you don't need to commit to a full five days of training, and because you can select exactly the training topics you want included, they represent an exceptional value compared to Salesforce's offerings or other third-party training. In addition, you can fine-tune the scheduling of your training so that it takes place immediately prior to going live in Salesforce.

While our training classes can be customized in any fashion you wish, we provide you with a recommended set of training topics and offer you the benefits of our experience in choosing the topics to include, and how the class is structured.

We believe that both user and administrator training are an essential component of any Salesforce implementation plan. While Salesforce is intuitive to use, it is so feature-rich that it would be easy to spend an entire career without knowing about many fundamental elements that could dramatically enhance your productivity. We realize that the time of your sales team is extremely valuable, and it's unrealistic to expect them to participate in a full week of training. That's why our user training classes are usually divided into two relatively brief, concentrated sessions.

We provide a recording of all the classes we do for you. You are welcome to use those recordings (as well as the written documentation we also supply) to train new hires or as a refresher for existing employees. This represents an added value that can extend for years for you.

In conjunction with the training (for an additional charge), we can create custom "sandbox" organizations for the trainees, populated with data sampled from your own org. Please note that this Sandbox functionality requires the Salesforce Enterprise Edition or above.

Training Deliverables

When you choose to have ACL Consulting provide custom online training, you receive the following deliverables:

  • Custom content development.
  • Online class sessions (via GoToMeeting) for up to 10 students.
  • Written documentation covering all topics included in the class.
  • Recording of the class session.


The cost per online class (NOT per student) is $500 per training hour including customized curriculum, written documentation, and a recording of the class session.

On-site training costs $2000 per day plus travel expenses. Onsite training does not include recordings (although you are welcome to record the training classes yourself).