The Data Migration Process


Once we receive your data files and the login credentials for your Salesforce account, we’ll analyze your data and send you a project cost estimate along with a list of your custom fields.

After you’ve reviewed this information, we’ll extract a random sample of approximately 500 records and import it into Salesforce. You review the data and ask any questions about the test migration. If necessary, we’ll rerun the test migration to meet your requirements.

Once you’re ready to move forward with the full data migration and have decided which optional services you want, we’ll generate an invoice (which you can pay online). At this time (if you wish) you can either send us an updated data file or direct us to use the file originally sent.

Once we receive payment and your final data file, we’ll complete your full data migration within two business days.

Migration Steps

  1. You make a copy of your ACT! data and send it to us using our secure file transfer service.
  2. We analyze your data and provide you a detailed project estimate including potential optional services. We also provide you with a list of the fields in your ACT! data which do not map to standard Salesforce fields.
  3. You provide us with an administrator-level login and password. This will allow us access to import your data into Salesforce.
  4. We review the account and request your permission to delete any existing default “dummy” data in your account so that the test conversion will start with a clean slate. If there is live data present, it will NEVER be deleted without your explicit permission.
  5. We will create custom fields in Salesforce for the most-populated 25 custom fields. (Additional custom fields can be added at additional charge for the full migration, if desired.)
  6. We will extract a random sample from your ACT! database of approximately 500 Contact records along with their associated Accounts (Companies) plus all their Activities, History, and Notes. (Secondary Contacts, Opportunities, Attachments, Events as Events, Recurring Activities, and other optional services are not included in the free test migration.)
  7. We will import the sample data into Salesforce so that you can review the data and work with it in the Salesforce environment. Any questions about the test migration will be answered and, if necessary, the test migration will be repeated. (This is rarely necessary.)
  8. When you have approved the test migration and are ready to proceed, you will decide which optional services you wish, and ACL Consulting will email you an invoice which can be paid online.
  9. You remit payment and either send us an updated data file or direct us to use the file originally sent.
  10. ACL Consulting adds any additional custom fields needed and makes any needed updates to picklists.
  11. ACL Consulting deletes the test migration data and completes the full data migration, usually within two business days.
  12. You review the migrated data for correctness and completeness.
  13. Any questions or issues with the full data migration are resolved.
  14. 30 days after completion of the full migration, your data is deleted from the ACL Consulting computer systems (unless you have requested us to retain it for a longer period).