Data Migration Services

About Data Migration

Data Migration is almost always a fundamental and essential part of any Salesforce implementation. Data Migration consists of two pieces. The first is getting your data out of your existing CRM or other database system, and the second is getting it into Salesforce.

Depending on the system involved, we may or may not be able to assist you with the first step in your Data Migration. However, as long as your old system can export your data as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, we will be able to perform the second step for you.

We have special expertise in moving data from ACT! into Salesforce. We use the Exporter® program from the JL Technical Group to export your ACT! database and import it into Salesforce. We offer fixed prices for ACT! Data Migrations. For additional information on our ACT! Data Migration services, CLICK HERE.

An important component of our Data Migrations is a Free Test Migration where we import a sample of approximately 500 Contacts and associated records into Salesforce so that you can see and work with your own data before making a commitment to utilize our services. For more information about our Free Test Migrations, CLICK HERE.

The Migration Process

Here's a brief overview of how our Data Migration process works:

  • Step 1: You send us a copy either of your database (if your old CRM is ACT!) or the CSV output of your existing system (for any other CRM) using our secure file transmission service, SendThisFile by clicking HERE. You'll also need to provide us with login credentials with System Administrator permissions for your Salesforce org.
  • Step 2: We update your Salesforce instance with a test sample of approximately 500 Contact records along with their associated Accounts (Companies), Activities, History, and Notes. We'll create up to 25 custom fields to support your data. We'll also provide you with a cost estimate for your full Data Migration and a list of all the fields in your data files. This step usually takes no more than two business days to complete once we receive your data. Up to this point you have no financial obligation to ACL Consulting.
  • Step 3: When you're ready to migrate the full database, contact us with payment information. At that time, you can elect to send us an updated copy of your database, or we can use the one sent for the test migration. Your final migrated database will be imported into Salesforce, usually within two business days.

To learn about our Data Migration Process in more detail, CLICK HERE.