About Lightning-QuickStart

Our Lightning-QuickStart program offers a package of implementation services at a significantly discounted price. A Lightning-QuickStart contains all the elements you need to get up and successfully running in Salesforce in a short period of time at a reasonable cost.

If your requirements can be met with the components included in a Lightning-QuickStart, then you have the opportunity to get a jump on the implementation process and save some money at the same time. (If your requirements are more complex, then you may wish to investigate our Full Implementations.)

We offer Lightning-QuickStarts for Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions of Salesforce. Please be aware that, because of limitations inherent in the Salesforce Essentionals Edition, some features of the Lightning-QuickStart are not available for the Essentials Edition. Please contact us for the specifics.

What's Included in a Lightning-QuickStart

Initial Consultation

A free initial one-hour consultation will help you determine if a Lightning-QuickStart is right for your organization.

No Charge

Project Kickoff

An initial project kickoff meeting, including all the major client stakeholders, to discuss and agree on the project elements, their timing, and to identify points of contact for each phase of the project. The meeting will include a 30-minute presentation by ACL Consulting about Salesforce features and terminology.

1 Hour

Discovery and Project Planning

Discovery meetings to understand your business, its processes and how Salesforce can model and support your requirements. These meetings will also determine the performance metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will drive the creation of your reports. Project schedules will also be finalized at the Discovery meetings.

ACL Consulting reviews the information from these meetings and creates plans delivered to you for the remainder of the project.

7 Hours

Setup and Input Screen Customization

Initial setup of your Salesforce org is performed including the following elements:

  1. Create Users.
  2. Create up to 25 custom fields in Lead, Contact, and Account objects. The custom fields may include simple formula fields and validation rules. If you require more custom fields than 25 included in the Lightning-QuickStart, additional blocks of 25 custom fields can be added as an option.
  3. Modify Record Detail add custom fields and remove unwanted standard fields.
  4. Modify and customize Lightning Record Pages for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities.
  5. Customize Home Page to include elements wanted and add client branding.
  6. Customize Lead conversion field mappings.

6 Hours

Basic Security Configuration

Determine which users can see which data by setting the Organization Wide Defaults and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions for the Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Task, and Event objects for each Profile in use (Standard and System Administrator). Set up Roles and User Hierarchy.

2 Hours

Data Import

Import data to the Lead, Contact, Account objects from clean CSV (Comma Separated Value) files supplied by the client. If data is to be loaded into the Contact and Account objects, there must be appropriate linking values in the CSV files provided.

You are responsible the elimination of any duplicate records in your data.

Note that data import into Tasks, Events, and Opportunities is not included, nor is the loading of Attachments, nor is creation of CSV files from the client's old CRM or database system.

For an additional cost, export of data from an ACT! database can be added to the Lightning-QuickStart. In addition, import of data into the Salesforce Task and/or Event object and Attachment import can be added as a project option. (Please note that Attachment import from a non-ACT! database has certain requirements and constraints that must be discussed in advance with us.)

4 Hours


Six hours of online standard user and administrator training (using GoToMeeting) to include an initial two-hour end user (sales team) training session for up to 10 users plus a follow-up two-hour training session for those users. In addition there will be a two-hour training session for System Administrators. A list of the topics covered will be provided in advance.

Each training class includes written documentation of the content covered plus a recording of the class session.

6 Hours

Reports and Dashboards

Configuration of up to five custom reports and two custom dashboards as determined by your specific needs and requirements.

4 Hours

The hours shown above are the estimated hours budgeted for each of the specified tasks. If the tasks require less time than the budgeted hours, surplus hours are banked for the client for any future consulting, development, or support needs.

Optional Additions

The following elements can be optionally added to a Lightning-QuickStart package:

  • Extract of data from an ACT! database in lieu of your provision of clean CSV files as specified above. You are responsible for cleaning your ACT! data including elimination of duplicate Leads and Contacts. This option will include a Test Migration of approximately 500 records along with the import of Activities, History and Notes into the Salesforce Task object.
  • Import of data into the Salesforce Task and/or Event objects from clean CSV files supplied by the client which include appropriate linking values to the Lead, Contact or Account records.
  • Additional custom fields for any object (beyond the 25 included in the Lightning-QuickStart).

Pricing for the above optional services will be provided upon request, and may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Lightning-QuickStart Timeframe

A Lightning-QuickStart can be completed in as little as three weeks (if your management and staff are engaged, committed, and willing to make their migration to Salesforce their top priority). More typically a Lightning-QuickStart project is completed in approximately six weeks.

We believe that good planning is crucial for success with Salesforce. As we explore your business processed and needs, and as you begin to fully understand the functioning and capabilities of Salesforce, you will need time to consider the many decisions to be made, without being rushed to decide in an artificially (and unreasonably) brief timeline.

While everyone wants to be up and running instantly, returning value on your investment in Salesforce requires good planning and considered decision-making. This effort will pay big dividends long-term.

Cost and Payment Terms

A Lightning-QuickStart includes 30 hours of consulting and development time by ACL Consulting. If we are able to complete the tasks included in the Lightning-QuickStart in fewer than 30 hours, the remainder will be banked to you, for use in support or future consulting or development projects

The price of the Lightning-QuickStart is $3000, a significant discount off our standard consulting rates.

Fifty percent of the cost of the Lightning-QuickStart ($1500) is due upon project initiation. The remaining fifty percent is due within five business days after completion of the items included in your Lightning-QuickStart Package.

You will be provided with an invoice which can be paid online with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards or via eCheck (direct bank-to-bank ACH transfer).