Best Practices

ACL Consulting will employ generally recognized Salesforce Best Practices in all its Lightning-QuickStart, migration, implementation, customization, training, and development services. This is the route that will result in the greatest stability for a Salesforce org and optimum performance from both the system and its users.

We recognize that there can be situations where a Best Practice is not applicable or inappropriate for the specific needs of a given organization. In such situations, ACL Consulting will balance the unique needs of the client against industry standard Best Practices to most appropriately serve the business needs of the client, and make recommendations accordingly.

We recognize and accept that our clients are the final arbiters of all decisions about their Salesforce instances. If we recommend a Best Practice, and the client elects a different path, it is understood that consequences of such decisions are entirely at the risk and responsibility of the client.

Free Test Migrations

We strongly believe that our policy of Free Test Migrations as part of data migrations is of great benefit both to us and to our clients. The Free Test Migration of approximately 500 Contacts along with their associated Accounts (Companies), Activities, History, and Notes allows the client to see how their data will look in Salesforce and lets them try out Salesforce without any financial obligation to ACL Consulting.

In our experience, this process not only allows the client a preview of their actual data in the Salesforce environment, it regularly exposes miscommunications and misunderstandings between the client and ACL Consulting before correction of those problems has a financial impact or results in client dissatisfaction.

Because of this, we firmly recommend that every client take advantage of this offer.

There are a few limitations to Free Test Migrations:

If you need a Test Migration of your full data set, or just need certain functionality not included in the Free Test Migration, we will be happy to quote you a custom price for what ever your test migration needs may be.



ACL Conversions remains available and willing to provide whatever ongoing support is required during or following completion of any project. Support during a project is included in the price of that project. Following the completion of a project, any support questions or issues requiring less than a quarter-hour of effort are free. Support requiring more than one quarter-hour is billable at standard hourly rates. Any support required because of errors or omissions on the part of ACL Consulting, its employees or affiliates is free.

However, ACL Consulting is not responsible for errors or behaviors of Salesforce, any software purchased by the client from the AppExchange (even on the recommendation of ACL Consulting), any third-party tools utilized by the client, or any other software not created and under the control of ACL Consulting.


Hourly Consulting Rates
Fixed Price Services


Hourly rates are billed in quarter-hour increments (or any portion thereof).

For hourly consulting services, invoices are submitted by email on the first of the month for work performed in the previous month. Payment is due within five business days. See the Payment section below.

For Lightning-QuickStarts, fifty percent of the total cost is due at the start of the project and the remainder within five business days of project completion. See the Payment section below.

For Data Migrations and Online Training, full payment is due before final data migration or training takes place. See the Payment section below.

For on-site services, fifty percent of daily charges plus the full amount of estimated travel expenses is due before air travel is reserved. The remainder is due within five business days of completion of services and presentation of an online invoice (including documentation of travel expense costs). See the Payment section below.

For custom quoted services, generally fifty percent is due at the start of a project lasting less than 30 days, with the remainder due within five business days of project completion. For projects lasting more than 30 days, billing terms will be specified in the Statement of Work. See the Payment section below.


Invoices will be submitted to clients via email when payments are due. (See the Billing section above.) Payment is due within five business days of receipt of invoice. Payments may be made either by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or by direct bank to bank (ACH) transfer.

Either credit card payments or direct ACH transfer payments may be made from secure links on your invoice. Payments are made to Intuit Merchant Services. ACL Consulting never directly receives or ever sees your credit card or bank account information.

Security and Confidentiality

We will not, without your explicit permission, sell, publish, or share information or data that you entrust to us.

We offer a secure service (SendThisFile) to transmit data files to us. We cannot be responsible for the security or confidentiality of anything sent to us via email, an inherently insecure form of transmission.

We maintain your data for 30 days following the completion of your migration (or your Free Test Migration, if you do not perform full conversion within that period) unless you request that we retain your data for a longer period.

We do not retain any credit card or bank information either electronically or on paper once your transaction has been completed.

Confidential Materials Statement

We acknowledge that andy database you send to us is considered Confidential Materials by your business. We are committed to protecting the privacy of any Confidential Materials we receive.

We take the same precautions with your Confidential Materials as we take to protect our own. All Confidential Materials sent electronically will be transmitted through SAS70 type II/SSAE16 compliant data centers.  All Confidential Materials are removed from the data center within ten (10) days after transmission.

Any Confidential Materials used at our site are stored on servers behind a secure Firewall. All your Confidential Materials used by us to complete work you request are removed from our servers and destroyed thirty (30) days after completion unless you explicitly request a longer retention period.


ACL Consulting will make every effort to deliver the software or other services ordered by a client in a prompt and timely fashion. However, all specified delivery dates are estimates based on the professional experience of ACL Consulting. Any failure by the client to provide timely decisions or information required for the delivery of such software or services may impact such anticipated delivery dates. Likewise, issues or events outside the control of ACL Consulting (including issues or errors with Salesforce itself) may also impact delivery schedules. Software development is more art than science, and client data often contains surprises unknown in advance to either ACL Consulting and/or the client, and these factors can also impact delivery schedules.

Ownership of Software:

Any third-party software purchased by or on behalf of the client remains the property of its owners and is offered to the client under software licenses granted by the owners of that software.

Any custom software developed by ACL Consulting expressly for the client becomes the property of the client, and ACL Consulting will supply source code for all such software (when the source code itself is not functionally part of the client's Salesforce instance. However, the client agrees to grant ACL Consulting an unlimited and non-exclusive license to utilize any code, concepts, or other components of any custom-developed software, procedures, reports, documentation or other elements and agrees that such software, procedures, reports, documentation and other elements may be freely utilized in any subsequent development or other work by ACL Consulting.

Any tools utilized in the customization of the client's Salesforce instance or in the development of any custom software or in the creation of training materials remain the property of ACL Consulting.