Making a Copy of Your ACT! Database

ACT! 2005 and Above

The easiest way to send us a copy of your ACT! database is to make a backup of the database. This will create a single .zip file.

From ACT!, select “File”, then “Backup”. Finally, select “Database”.

You will be asked to specify where the backup will be saved. Choose a path where you'll easily be able to find the backup file. If you are planning to include your attachments with migration, check the “Include Attachments” box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked. Do NOT check the “Password protect file” box.

ACT! 4 to 6

Using ACT!, create a copy of your database. Select “File” and then “Save Copy As”.

Give the new database a name and save it in a folder where you can easily find it.

This will create multiple files whose name begins with the name of your database, but with different file extensions.

If you are sending these files, put them into a compressed folder (zip them) and send the .zip file to us. CLICK HERE for instructions on creating a zip folder.